Enjoy English at Plaza (spot the mistakes)

Next Meet up Plaza:

November, Thursday the 9th and Friday the 24th 20h to 21:30

October… 13th, 27th

20 to 21:30 pm

Por motivos familiares se suspende el meet up del 27/10/17. Disculpen las molestias

Las mejores series para aprender inglés #MeetUp #MeetUpPlaza #EnglishTime

Meet up Plaza 3


If you want to have a nice conversation in English while having a cup of tea and talking about different themes each time, please confirm to us that you are coming.

Call us to confirm your reservation OR fill out the form 

Patricia 678 555 197

Jesús 690 20 89 83

How to get there

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By bus: SAMAR (from Estación Sur Madrid)

By train: Alcázar de San Juan / Socuéllamos (from Barcelona)

Let us know if you want picked up (30€)

By car: AP36 | N301 | N420 (from anywhere in Spain)

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